The Toughest Decision Yet

The medical field is amazing. So many brilliant and caring doctors with such powerful wisdom. We have been in contact with doctors from literally around the world who are helping us process the journey and complexity of Elijah’s treatment. All who are experts, all who want the best for our boy, and yet in the end, we have to process the mountains of information and make a life decision with what we know and the leading of the Lord.
Elijah’s battle with Perthes Disease is not the typical treatment plan. He is in the advanced stages of the disease and with his age and severity of the disease it is not an easy treatment. His first few big surgeries have not taken, leaving us back to square one. Now, we must move on to more advanced surgeries that are all very rare and all experimental. We have found 2 of the top experts in the world that are helping us. Both doctors are amazing and want to see Elijah healed but take very different approaches to help us get him there.
Our surgeon in Baltimore is leading us to a experimental surgery that has only been performed a handful of times ever (Elijah would be the 9th kid ever to have had it). It involves a deep involvement of hollowing out his legs and rebuilding the left leg and hip from scratch. Our other specialist, from Lisbon, Portugal is suggesting a new surgery that involves a drug not yet legal in the United States. Both hope to produce the same result but  both are very invasive none the less, not to mention the medical costs we will be incurring either way we decide, as insurance will not cover.
We are asking our friends and family to join us in prayer as we have all the information we need, and to hear from the Lord as to the right direction. Both doctors agree that no matter what something has to be done ASAP on his hip, otherwise we….don’t even want to imagine.
Once again, as we have stated time and time again, Elijah’s resolve is AMAZING. He is ready to fight this disease head on and will not take no for an answer when he dreams about his life. We are SO proud of our champion. We will be making a decision in the coming days and then be traveling to either Baltimore or Portugal next week and we just need a peace that passes all understanding as this is weighing so very heavily on our minds and hearts. Would you please take time and pray for wisdom for us? We will keep you informed and know there is no way we can make it through all of this without the grace of God and our friends and family. Every day we thank God for each of you as we battle the emotions of this journey.
We love you all and thank you for your prayers, friendship, financial support. You all are literally helping change the life for the better for Elijah and our entire family. Lets #TacklePerthes together.
Shayne and Tiffany

6 thoughts on “The Toughest Decision Yet

  1. Praying for direction and wisdom Shayne. My heart is moved by your post of this young ” champion”. I believe that many will be touched by Elijah’s resolve. Great results are just ahead for your beautiful family. Be encouraged my friend. Again Juree and I will keep your family in prayer


  2. #strikeoutperthes #tackleperthes
    The Tealtown Royals knothole club is standing behind and cheering for Elijah and certainly will pray for the best scenario for the healthiest outcome. Love little #1, with such a big heart and drive!


  3. Praying for guidance and wisdom, this is a mountain before you but Elijah has shown he is ready for the climb. With his Mom and Dad at his side and copious prayers God will see him through this!!


  4. We met you the day after Elijah had his fixator put on in Baltimore while we were making this tough decision for our son. I continue to pray for you family and the strength to get thru it. It was extremely stressful for our family this past year, so I can’t imagine what you are going thru to hear this news again and again. Blessings & Prayers, The Zarins Family (Granville, Ohio)


  5. My heart hurts for you all. When my wife and I met you after Elijah had the fixator put on, you helped us come to peace with our treatment decision. That uncertainty was debilitating. I can only pray peace and wisdom find you now.


  6. Elijah is prayed for every single day in our house and we will pray specifically for God’s prompting as to what path you should take.
    Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
    I will be praying for you all with this verse in mind. Love you guys!


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