Perthes Strikes Elijah….AGAIN

A year ago, Tiffany and I sat with our boy Elijah at Children’s Hospital as we patiently waited on a diagnosis that we would soon discover, would alter my son’s childhood. In April of 2015, we learned Elijah had an extremely rare childhood disease called Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease. Having no clue of what that was, we began a long, tedious, and emotionally exhausting journey of tackling Perthes as a family.

From the moment of diagnosis and throughout all the ups and downs over the past year Elijah has never wavered in his resolve. He has worked HARD EVERY SINGLE DAY going through: two brutal surgeries, MRI’s, x-rays, over a hundred physical therapy appointments strong. When each new sports season would roll around the look of utter and complete disappointment would consume his face as I had to tell him, “Not yet, son. Hold tight. We are getting close.” He would fight back the tears and go right back work to beating the disease that is stealing countless days from his life.

This Monday was supposed to be THE DAY! A day we had hoped would be his full release to go back to running, jumping, and playing with consistent monitoring of x-rays, range of motion, and pain tolerance. Instead of hearing the Dr. tell us to give Elijah’s admission ticket to run, jump, and play, the Doctor said, “I’m sorry. It appears things have regressed.”

I fought back the tears as I heard the surgeon instruct us to bring Elijah back to Baltimore for the possibility of another major surgery……next week. All Elijah heard is another season of baseball is off the table.

Next week we will begin another round of the unknown. We will travel to Baltimore facing another major surgery that will hopefully put my amazing boy onto the path of recovery. My heart breaks for Elijah who has never lost heart, lost his fighting spirit or the will to become himself again. We are not sure where this road will lead us but we are certain of the goodness of God. He has sustained us more than we could ever imagine, and will need Him now more than ever.

Please continue to pray for our little Quarterback as he once again puts his best foot forward and takes another mighty blow as he tackles Perthes. We love you all and will continue to keep you all up to date on his progress.


5 thoughts on “Perthes Strikes Elijah….AGAIN

  1. Praying Praying Praying. So sorry to hear he has to do this again. My heart breaks for you all but we know God is in control!!


  2. Please be encouraged by our son, Michael. I know Tiffany remembers him. He had Perth at 8 while playing soccer in Lehigh. He never had surgery but had to go through a lot of years of pain and wearing braces etc. He is now 27 years old and just had a new hip put in and he just told me yesterday. “Mom, I have never felt better in my whole life as I do now since I got my new hip “. That was a wonderful thing to hear as his mom. Elijah may have to go through a lot but God will bring him back to health! I pray this for him in Jesus name. Amen


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