What has @QBWalters1 been up to in his fight against Perthes Disease?

Much has transpired since my last post, so I wanted to take a moment to share with you what Elijah’s life has been like since his latest surgery (ex-fixator removal).

As most of you know, Elijah has been battling Perthes since last April. He has not been able to run or jump for the last 9 months and for much of that time he was on crutches, in a wheelchair, and had 6 lbs. of machinery drilled into his hip, bone, and leg. Since the end of October when his fixator was removed he had to wear a brace nearly full time for 2 months, must continue to wear the brace every night to bed, and has been ordered to not run or jump (a vey tall order for an 11 year old ACTIVE boy). He’s had to fill his days differently than in years past since he had to sit the football and basketball seasons out. So, what has our QB been up to?

*Stretching religiously everyday! There’s a series of stretches the doctor has given Elijah (us) to do twice a day each day.

*Physical therapy at least 2 times a week

*Swimming (indoors gym 🙂 – It is very good for his range of motion

*Trading baseball & football cards


*Batting practice with his awesome Stix team. He was cleared for batting only.

*Attending as many Loveland sporting events as he can. The boy is a Loveland Tiger through hand through and they have continued to rally around him. What a treasure to see his peers and Loveland High School students encourage him.

*Enjoying time at Mosaic

*Turning 11 years old (be still my broken heart) 😦

We recently took Elijah for a scheduled x-ray and unfortunately it was not as favorable as we would have liked. We aren’t sure yet what this means for him, but we travel to Baltimore in 10 days to meet with his specialist. He will be doing a thorough exam, x-rays, test, etc. to assess Elijah and guide is through the next course of attack. We truly have no idea what is ahead for our beautiful, rambunctious, brave boy, but we are choosing daily…sometimes hourly to trust God’s plan for Elijah’s life. Most days I hold it together pretty well, but then there are other days I just want to look out the window and watch my boy……….RUN.

Please continue to partner with us in prayer as Elijah continues to #tacklePerthes. We are immeasurably grateful for your love and support.

Tiff 🙂


In addition to all of this uncertainty with Elijah our family experienced the sudden loss of my courageously strong mom-in-law. 3 weeks ago she surrendered her battle with cancer. Even in her final days she was gazing with such love at our kids. The last words she managed to utter to Elijah while she was in the hospital were just precious. She leaned over and saw the scars from his surgery and with all the strength she could muster reached over and touched them and said, “That’s ridiculous.” I know she was trying to say that how dare someone leave any blemish on her grand baby. My eyes surged with tears because as a mom I could so relate. What Sue and I had so much in common is how much we loved our baby boys. She loved hers and I sure love mine. I miss her so very much. She was such a character. She loved her family. I think one reason my heart hurts so much for her is because I know how desperately she would have wanted to see her Elijah #tacklePerthes to the ground and come out victorious. She was such a fan…..always.




Gammy & her boys
Turning 11! 😦
Eli & his buddy Dillon
Working it
Physical therapy


Go Stix!
Myk – Grateful for this man!
Go get ’em Tigers!





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