A Dad Learning From His Son.

Team Walters! Great look on Shayne, don’t you think!

Hey Blogger World,

I wanted to take a moment and share a few thoughts with all of our blog friends, especially the dads whose child is battling Perthes disease.

Elijah and I are the best of pals. We love doing the normal Dad/Son things that many of you do. We watch the Buckeyes, play games, throw the ball, I coach him in most of his sports, we serve in church together, etc.

So, when I found out Elijah had Perthes I did the normal things men do. I block it out, treated it like a sprained ankle, thinking give it a few months and we will be back to normal. Well, the hard reality is that Perthes is not a sprained ankle, a quick fix. I have spent most of 2015 watching my boy live life from the sidelines. A boy that use to spend his days running, jumping, playing, and competing now sits as others do that. He strains to get to his bed, hobbles from one event to another cheering on his little brother or watching his friends compete. He sits on the sideline of his football games, dying to be in there knowing it won’t happen this year, but still pressing to be any part he can. Today he learned he would not be able to try out for basketball and yet another season of sadness.

However, on this journey, where I am suppose to be the encourager, I am learning in my quiet times that actually he is the one encouraging and teaching me. Not one time has he had a pity party, given up, or lost focus. Everyday he does what he needs to do: physical Therapy, stretching, bar in and bar out, and most of the time with at least a smile. He often shares about one day soon being back on the field, on the playground, in the yard, in the life he was created to live. What I am learning is, that life is not fair. As a Pastor I know that, as a dad I am learning it. But despite the pain or disappointment in life, there is still life to live. As I watch a my 10 year boy (or young man in his view point) battle, I am learning that no matter the size of the struggle we choose to live life to its fullest or complain about where we are. I have no doubts Elijah will be back to being Elijah. Why? Because he chooses everyday to live each day to its fullest, never feeling sorry for himself, but embracing where he is and where he is going. I have watched my buddy live his faith in Christ and as a leader no matter the fear or pain, he just keeps on keeping on.

I have learned most of all, it’s okay to let your guard down and be vulnerable to your child and others. I knew on this journey how much my boy would need me, I was just so clueless on how much I would need him. The Bible tells us that to truly know God we must the faith of a child, I have preached that for 20 years and finally learned it this year.


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