Bringing our boy (@QBWalters1)….HOME! #score #earlyrelease #tackleperthes

With Elijah making steady progress and since we have found a physical therapist (who has never worked with a Perthes patient or an external fixator, BUT is up for the challenge of learning) Doctor Standard has agreed to let us go home to continue treatment a little earlier than we anticipated. Our PT here will be consulting with the therapy team and specialists in Baltimore and monitoring his gains. After almost 3 weeks in Baltimore, we are greatly encouraged by Elijah’s effort, tolerance, and determination. Although being home will provide its own major adjustments and I imagine some setbacks…like, how I’m supposed to get him wheelchaired 🙂 into the house when he’s occupying the wheelchair or how are we gonna get him up and down the stairs? The boy is too big to throw over my shoulders, and even if I could throw him over like a sack of potatoes, the ex-fix won’t allow it. This is where we’ll have to get creative, and we will! Through it all, we are confident Elijah will continue to tackle perthes one play at a time.

He is anxious to be around those who have been cheering him on to show them what he’s made of. We are eager to get him back to where he is most comfortable, most familiar, and most loved. Our entire family is going to face quite a learning curve, but we are home team, we are family. We rise and fall….together. We are fully aware that Elijah has quite the obstacle course ahead, but we are trusting in God’s faithfulness, relying on Elijah’s perseverance, and leaning on your friendship.

Shayne and Elijah’s ride home was pretty smooth sailing, except that he does not like his knee/hip bouncing around from the bumpy road, which is quite problematic on a 9 hour drive. Oh, and apparently Elijah had his greatest nausea attack while in the car…alone… with Shayne. Anyone ever seen Vince Vaughn’s reaction to baby poop on Four Christmases? Yep, imagine that…times 4. The best line was…..Babe, it touched me. Yep, that’s right. With 4 kids I’ve cleaned up more throw up than I care to admit and Shayne, not so much. He handles the blood. 🙂 We’re a good match.

How can you keep pushing Elijah to the goal line:

1. Pray. Prayer is the greatest strategy in this game and life. (Even if it’s not listed in the player’s play book 🙂

2. Encourage him by talking to him, giving him a high 5/hug, asking him about his time away/the people he met/what he experienced. Please DON’T shy away from it. Let him bring you into his world, so he doesn’t feel isolated.

3. Push him. We want things to be as “normal” as possible for him. We realize that this whole situation is going to take some getting used to, but we want him to keep pushing. He thrives on others pushing him.

4. Be patient with him. I know, I just requested that you push him, which I did, but he’s also gone through major surgeries and he’s still recovering and is being held captive by his body. For instance, he is still extremely, extremely tired. I know this is the body’s way of helping him heal. So, if you call him and he zones out 5 minutes later, don’t take it personal. He’s just trying to sort this all out.

5. Get in the game! Come visit him, watch a movie with him, play a board/video game with him, go fishing with him, whatever. He learns, grows, and heals with your investment in him.

Thank you for cheering loud and proud for our boy and for standing WITH us. Time for some hometown tackling. #tackleperthes #tigerup #tigerstrong

Tiff 🙂

Our bright, blue eyed boy.
Our bright, blue eyed boy.

3 thoughts on “Bringing our boy (@QBWalters1)….HOME! #score #earlyrelease #tackleperthes

  1. I am 45 years old and I never let perthes stop me from doing anything. I was put in leg brace and then crutches and at the time, most doctors didn’t know how to treat it. People never knew how much harder I had to push through things because of the pain. I did most anything growing up, water skiing, was a starting football player from 7th -12th years, and baseball. I know what you’re going through. I’m considering a hip replacement now. Good luck and keep positive.


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