Baltimore Bound! #teamperthes

We knew today would be hectic, busy, and crazy, but nothing could have prepared our family for the beautiful and overwhelming  outpouring of support and love we received from our dearest friends. Seeing people rally around your son is extremely humbling. In a matter of 10 weeks he went from your typical happy go lucky, stinky, silly, athletic 10 year old boy, to a boy about to face a major surgery, critical recovery time, intensive physical therapy, and an unknown active future. We are facing many, many uncertainties, but as we’ve shared with Elijah time and time again….our God has never failed us and He won’t start now. We are choosing to trust Him, asking Him to grow in us and through us,  reveal Himself in a special and personal way (especially to our boy), and wrap His mighty arms of love and truth around us. I was thinking earlier how we are always asking the Lord to “expand our borders” in His name. I never envisioned that meaning a childhood disease, but if this is how our borders are expanded, we pray that we do the Lord justice.  Please continue to partner with us as we pray for Elijah and all he is about to encounter and experience. May this part of his story be one that brings honor and glory to Jesus. 

Here are some precious pics of #teamperthes as they cheer Elijah on as he #tacklesperthes! Baltimore, here we come!!  

Tiff 😉


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